Only The Living God

You are God Almighty,

Who sets the world ablaze with holy.

And trembling before You I bow here,

And confess it,

You are the Living God.


Tears flow from my eyes like rivers,

As You pierce my soul straight through.

And I’m convicted of how lightly,

I have esteemed Your name.


I stand before You,

Living God.

And O, how that thought,

Should always make me tremble!


And yet as You blaze here,

My own ignorance and insolence,

Betrays me.

And I am convicted,

And contrite.


Living God,

I confess it,

There is nothing I desire,

Besides Thee.


And yet it takes the breaking of my heart,

To know it.

It takes the breaking of all my foolish pride,

And stubbornness.


And I’m pierced through,

And all the filth of my soul,

Flows out of my eyes.

And in the weeping,

I am cleansed.


As I weep,

The guilt and the shame and the ugly,

Flows out of me.

And the blood of the Son,

Floods in to take its place.


And in this place of the broken open soul,

There is unbroken communion.

And for the first time in how long, Lord,

I feast.


For the first time in too long,

My soul feels this perfect peace,

That I had lost.

And in the broken place,

All the pride and stubbornness,

Erected like so many walls,

Are torn down.


And the tender places of my soul,

Are again open to You.

And the fellowship is not held off by walls,

But my whole soul,

Is known to You.


Living God,

Who breaks open stubborn hearts,

And brings low the arrogant and proud,

But who lifts up the humble,

And brings the small and contrite,

Into Your courts to dwell.



You are God Almighty,

And You make donkeys to speak,

And turn speaking men,



You are God Almighty who gives the gift of speech,

And takes it away.

You are God who turns the foolish,

Into the wise,

And who takes those supposedly wise,

And turns them to fools.


You are God who does this.

And no hand can reign against You.

And no man can counsel You.


You are God alone,

Who raises men up,

And tears them down.

You are God alone.

You are God who gives,

And takes away.


You are the Living God.

And this thought alone,

Should stop me in my tracks,

And fill my heart,

With trembling worship.


And if ever it doesn’t,

Dear Lord,

I have erred.

And I have made my heart,

Hard against You.



And if ever Your name,

Doesn’t make me want to fall to my knees,

And worship,

I have strayed.

And my heart beats,

After my own idolatry.


O, Lord,

My God,

How quickly do I erect idols in my life!

And how jealously I guard them,

With stubborn denial!


How quickly do I love,

Things other than Your face!

How quickly can my stubbornness,

Invade that place of pure grace,

And turn the heart from worship of You,

To worship of me.


Of my dreams,

And my will,

And my name.



And the one thing I can want,

That is pure,

And the one place I can go,

And sin not,

Is the place,

Of fellowship with You.


For You are God Almighty,

And there is no darkness in You.

But You are perfect light.


And to abide with You in the place of fellowship,

Of intimacy,

And the soul securely bonded,

To You,

Is to abide,

In perfect light.


And I can’t be bonded to light,

And walk in darkness.

I can’t fellowship with righteousness,

And live unrighteousness.


But Your fellowship is the one place,

On this whole earth,

Where I am safe,

From sin.



And when I dwell,

In the fellowship place with You,

I have fellowship with my brothers and sisters,

In Christ.


In the place of fellowship with You,

There is fellowship with each other.

And if we have not fellowship with one another,

Then the cause of our disconnect,

Is that we have not fellowship with You.



You pierce me through,

With the fellowship place,

And I am grieved,

By what I have forsaken.


I am grieved,

When I remember You here.

For I remember now,

How beautiful,

And perfect,

This place is.


And I remember,

How it is the place of fellowship,

And no sin.

And I am grieved at how,

I have forsaken it.


I am grieved by how much time,

And sorrow,

I have wasted.


Yet I am warmed,

Through and through,

In the coming home.


And I am home.

My soul wants for nothing.

For I am once again here,

Dwelling with You,

Living God,

In fellowship.


And I remember,

How this,

Has to be my everything.

And the one thing I live for,

In all things.

Your fellowship.


And if Your fellowship,

Is my one treasure,

And the one thing I endeavor to always keep,


Then everything,

Becomes a beautiful thing,

And my whole life,

Becomes a holy outflowing,

Of this holy place.


When I live unbroken fellowship with You,

My whole life becomes the kingdom.

But whenever I break that fellowship with You,

My life becomes idolatry,

And stubbornness.


And it’s true.

I know it.

I taste it.


How when Your fellowship in every moment,

Is the treasure that I seek,

Every moment becomes worship,

And holiness,

And kingdom,

And obedience is really just,



But if ever,

Something other than Your fellowship,

Is my desire,

Whether success or agenda or result,

Then the whole thing,

Becomes an idol,

And I become,

A stubborn and selfish and discontent whiny thing.


Whenever I am driven,

By something other than fellowship with You,

I am driven by the wrong thing.


And I taste that now,

How the wrong kind of fuel,

Tastes like ashes in the mouth.

Burns like acid in the belly,

And keeps me up at night.


But the fellowship of my God,

Is perfect peace.

And the fellowship of my God,

Is a flood of joy,

Even in the midst of circumstances,

Yet unfolding.


And when I live in the place of fellowship with You,

I know it like a fire in my bones,

The impossible is possible,

And the kingdom of God is reigning and moving,

Underneath my feet,

And all around.


When Your fellowship is my joy,

And the place out of which,

I live my life,

I have this overwhelming sense,

Of being swallowed up,

In something so much bigger,

Than me.


And when I live in the fellowship of You,

The throne room is my dwelling place,

And heaven is my home,

Even as my body,

Is still so far away.


Yet when I abide in Your fellowship,

I abide in the heavenly places,

And I taste the firstfruits of the kingdom,

That my life is even now,

A part of bringing.


And when I live in the place,

Of fellowship with You,

I am actually a part,

Of Your unfolding kingdom.


For when the pleasure of Your fellowship,

Is what I live for,

And what I refuse,

To live without,

Then I no longer live for me,

But I live for my King.


And when I get to heaven,

I want my life’s legacy to be,

That I lived for my King.

And I want to look back over my life,

And see the fruit of the kingdom of God,

Growing there.


I want to be a part of building Your kingdom.

I want my life to say,

That I lived for my King,

And not for myself.


And stubbornness,

It drives hard for self.

But fellowship,

It drives hard,

With all joy,

And perfect peace,

For more of You,

In all places.


O Living God,

If I want,

Anything other than Your fellowship,

I want the wrong thing.


If anything else,

Is my desire,

And my heart’s treasure,

I want the wrong thing.

No matter how good or noble a thing,

It seems.


For You have created all things,

And for Your pleasure,

They are created.

And You are the end of all things,

And for Your glory,

They exist.


And from You,

And to You,

And through You,

And for You,

Are all things.


And the only thing,

For my heart to want,

In every moment,

Is to fellowship,

With You.




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