Folly of the Fearless


Son of God,

My advocate before the Father’s throne.

And You are the one,

I stand here before.


Most High God,

Creator of the ends of the earth,

Lord Almighty,

Above whom,

There is none other.


You know me.

And You see me even now,

And You are known to me,

As Father.



You are Almighty God.

And my fellowship,

Is with You.

With the Father,

And the Son.



God Almighty,

Has come,

And made His home in me.

And God Almighty,

Has brought me into His presence,

And made Himself,

My home.


I confess the words,

And the spinning world,


I confess the words,

And heaven,

Doesn’t feel so far.


I confess the words,

And the things of this world,


And dim.


I confess eternity with my lips,

And the trials of this earthly life,

Seem small and silly,



A passing shadow.

A story already written,

And told.


I think about that sometimes,

How neat and tidy the stories,

Of the patriarchs seem,

From our vantage point.

Black and white type,

On gilt-edged pages.


Clear beginning,


And end.


And I think about,

How heaven records our stories.

And I think about what it’s all going to read like,

When it’s all said and done.


And I think about how,

What is still yet unfolding to us,

And what seems so chaotic,

And circular,

And happenstance,

Is really already written,

In heaven.


And I think about how heaven knows it,

And will declare it for all eternity,

The beginning,


And end.


And I think about how we’re really on a journey,

Part of Your larger plan.

And we’re all going to end up at the end of the road,

And stand before Your throne.

This, the place where the one road of time,

And history,

Really leads.


And everyone will end up here,


And every face will see Yours,

And every knee will bow before Your glory,

Before You as You sit,

On Your throne.


And every tongue,

Will confess the truth.

That You are Lord,

And the Beginning,

And End,

Of all things.


One day,

Every tongue will confess it.

But we don’t have to wait for the one day,

To be surprised before the throne.


But we can confess it,

And know it now,

That You are Lord.

The beginning,

And the middle,

And the end,

Of all things.


And we’re living in the middle,

Where reality,

Is hidden and blurred,

By so many lies,

And so much noise.


And we live in a world,

Overrun by thorns and thistles.

And well I know it.

Soul feels them everyday pricking and pulling,

Trying to poke and choke,

And puncture lungs,

And strangle hope,

Right out of the chest.


This world will do just about anything,

To keep us from thinking about eternity.

This world will do just about anything,

To keep our eyes on the here and now,

As if there wasn’t an eternal and sovereign God,

Reigning in heaven.


Because the ruler of this world knows,

That if we number our days,

And we live in the fear of You,

God Almighty,

We will get,

A heart of wisdom.


So the ruler of this world,

He wants to do anything he can,

To keep us from fearing You.

To keep us from the place of reverence,

And awe,

And worship.


Because if we really see You as You are,

Seated high and holy upon Your throne,

We will stop in our tracks,

And we will be stunned into worship.

And we will begin to live differently.

We will begin to live with a heart of wisdom.


Seeing You,

As You are,

Undoes the heart.

And it undoes,

So much,

Of all this backwards thinking.


One glance at You,

And so much of this world,

Falls away,



One glimpse of You,

And our hands empty of treasures here,

And lift high in worship,

Empty hands reaching up for the full treasure,

Of heaven.


One glimpse of You,

And all these world’s treasures,

Seem silly.

Cheap trinkets,

And candy-coated lies.

Heaps of dung,

With a gold coating.


And that’s really all these worldly treasures are.

Just gold-crusted heaps of dung.


And the way we fight over them,

Wrestle others to the ground over them,

You’d think we were a bunch of animals,

Gone mad.


Ah, but You,

You are the pearl of great price.

You are the treasure of heaven.


You are gold that never tarnishes,

And jewels that shine with brilliance,

And shades of color,

That human eyes,

Can’t even see.


You are a feast that satisfies,

And never ends.

You are joy,

Untainted by disappointment,

Or sorrow,

Or loss.


For You are hope fulfilled,

And fullness realized,

And perfection,


And beyond.


You are eternal glory,

And fields of glory and grace,

We run in forever,

And never reach the other side.


You are limitless pasture,

And bottomless expanse.

We plumb the depths of Your treasures forever,

And never reach the end.


We never even go,

Beyond the surface,

Though we dig and plunge,

For thousands of years.



O, God of brilliant glory!

O, God of beauty undimmable,

And undiminished.

How can we ponder You?

How can we even begin to understand,

Who You are?


Fathomless God of the universe,

More brilliant and beautiful,

Than anything this world has ever known,

More valuable than all the wealth of creation,



Beginning and the end,

Alpha and Omega.

God who made the universe,

And who will one day,

Bring to an end,

All things,

That can be shaken.


God before whom,

Every soul will stand.

And every heart will stand naked,

Before the eyes that sear,

And the Living word that pierces,

Like a double-edged sword.


And yet we live like,

You don’t exist.



O, what fools we live like,

When we fail to number our days!

When we fail to think of eternity,

And the One who sits on the throne!


When we fail to fear You,

We live like fools.

And the fear of the Lord,

Is the only escape,

From foolishness.


And the only way,

To see the world right,

Is to see it,

From the foot of Your throne.


The only way to see it right,

Is from the end.



The only way to live the journey right,

Is to bear always in heart and mind,

The destination.

The One who got us started,

And the One whom,

We journey toward.


And really,

The only right way to live the journey,

Is backwards.

To live from the end,




And it’s really the only way that now,

Makes its proper sense.

It only makes sense,

From the throne room.


And when we don’t live from the throne room,

We stumble blind and aimless.

And the world warps in our vision.

We become the ones so nearsighted,

That we’re blind.


And we waste energy,

On stubborn uphill battles,

And pointless duels,

In defense of our honor and opinions,

While all around us the real war,

Goes unwaged.


And we leave the battlefield we’re supposed to be on,

For the sideways paths,

Of our own agendas.

And all the while we tout,

The banner of Your name.


But if Your name,

Doesn’t make us tremble,

With humility,

And worship,

Then we don’t,

Really know it.


And if the path we’re on,

Doesn’t bring us to our knees,

And doesn’t flood our mouths with confessions,

Of holy, holy, holy,

Then we’d better reexamine,

Just whose path,

We’re on.



O, God,

Your truth sobers,

And sanctifies,

And satisfies,

My soul.


I drink of it,

And I am convicted,


And cheered.


My soul realigned,

I walk straight,

Into Your glory.

And I walk into the place,

Of the Almighty God.


And I see You,

Seated high on Your throne.

And creation takes its rightful place before You,

Bowing low.


And all that You have created,

And ordered in perfect harmony,

Sings out the same song,

Holy, holy, holy.


God Almighty,

All creation sings it.

And all time and history,

Travel towards it.


And all time and people and history,

And all things created in heaven,

And on earth,

And under the earth,

Will end up here,

Before Your throne,

Crying holy.


All creation,

Will fulfill Your will.

All that is,

And ever was,

And ever will be,

Will bow before Your throne,

To complete Your perfect plan,

At Your perfect time.


Every moment,

Is even now,

Already heading towards here.


Like rivers,

That run toward the ocean,

So all creation,

Runs headlong,

Into You,

The beginning,

And the end,

And the middle,

Of all things.


I ponder You,

As the end of my day,

Has come.


You who were the beginning,

And the middle,

And the end of this day.

God of all my life.


Giver of every breath.

Author of every moment.

And God who will one day,

End my life,

And take me home.


God who knew me,

Planned me,

And called me,

Before my birth.


God who holds me now,

In Himself.

Jesus, Son of God,

Who is the living gospel to me.



And God Almighty,

Who right now knows,

My final day,

And the end of my days,

Here on earth.


God who will one day,

Call me home.

And I will stand before Your throne.


And this heart that stands naked and exposed to You,

To whom I will one day give an account of my life,

Will yet stand before You,

Clothed in righteousness,

And covered in blood.


In that moment,

When the God of heaven,

Stands unbridled before me,

In the throne room of heaven,

In that moment,

When my fate,

Is at last to be revealed,

It is then that I will face You,

Clothed in the righteousness of Christ,

My heart covered,

In the blood of the Lamb.


And in that moment,

I don’t even have to plead the blood,

For the blood pleads for me.

And You know me,

And You welcome me in.

And Your love and acceptance,

Flows like a river.


God who delivers me,

Because He delights in me.

God who delights to save me,

Simply because,

He delights to.


And I don’t understand it,

But here I stand,

Before the blazing brilliance,

Of the Sovereign God of the universe,

And I am not consumed,

Or condemned,

But accepted,

And glorified.

And I am counted as one,



And such is my sure hope.

That when I stand in the throne room of heaven,

And the righteous God of heaven looks at me,

He will welcome me in,

As a justified and glorified,

Pure and spotless and guiltless daughter of God,



I ponder that,

As I prepare to drift off,

To sleep.

And the audacity of this inheritance,

Stuns me.

That I should claim all this,

Is frightening.


Yet it is the sure hope,

That You Yourself,

Have written,

And that,

In Your own blood.


Righteous, Holy One!

One day,

I will see Your face!


And You will know me!

And I will actually tremble,

In Your very presence.



Holy One,

You are the God,

That I know now.


You are the God,

Who has made His home in me.

You are the God,

Who invites me in,

To fellowship with You.


And I don’t have to wait,

For the end of my days,

To know the God,

Whom I will one day,



But I can stand before Your face,

Right now.

I can come into the communing place,

Right now.

I can come into the throne room,

Right now.


O, God whose glory,

Stuns creation,

And compels it to sing,

Holy, holy, holy!


O, God whose wrath,

Makes creation want to flee,

And hide its face,

From Yours!


O, God whose gospel,

Is the most beautiful thing,

Ever conceived,

Or written!


God who gives grace,

For no reason,

But that You choose.

God who pours mercy,

Like water upon our souls,

And the fruit of the kingdom,

Grows here.


God of brilliance!

God of wonder!

God of might!

God of mercy!


God of glory,

And of grace,

And goodness,

And greatness,



Teach us to fear You,

And cease being foolish.

Teach us to number our days,

And so get,

A heart of wisdom.



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