Teach Me the Kingdom

Son of God,

Teach me the kingdom.


The world warps and spins,

With a dizzying ferocity.

Teach me the kingdom.


Cares of this life press in close,

And throttle the breath from lungs.

Teach me the kingdom.


All of this life,

Seems bent on only this life.

Teach me the kingdom.


The noise is so loud,

And the distractions so many.

Teach me the kingdom.


Teach me the kingdom,

Where the first are last,

And the last first.


Teach me the kingdom,

And living for reward there,

Not here.


Teach me how,

We can’t have both.

We can’t have the treasures of this world,

And the treasures of the kingdom.

We can’t serve God,

And money.


Teach me the kingdom.


Help me understand,

What the heart of the kingdom,

Really looks like.


Your kingdom,

Is a piercing thing.

It’s something that cuts us to the heart,

And always challenges,

And always will.


It’s the weak and the foolish,

Chosen and called.

It’s the poor in spirit,

Welcomed and ushered in.


It’s the ten wise virgins,

With their lamps filled with oil.

It’s the treasure in the field,

And the selling of all,

To have it.


It’s the tiny mustard seed,

That grows into the strongest tree.

It’s the little bit of leaven,

That leavens the whole loaf.


It’s the sheep and the goats,

It’s the wheat and the tares.

It’s the net full of fish,

Those chosen,

And those thrown away.


It’s the straight and narrow way.

It’s the door the humble stoop through.

It’s the kingdom of the least,

Where the smallest enter in.


It’s the seed sown in the soil,

And how it grows in hearts.

It’s the seed that either grows,

Or is choked among the thorns,

Or dies in rocky soil,

Or is never planted at all.


It’s the kingdom that’s hard,

For the rich to enter into.

And the thorns and thistles choke it,

And it produces no crop.


It’s the kingdom,

Of the worship of the Son.

It’s the kingdom,

Of the worship of the King.

And whatever you do for the least of these,

You do also for Him.


It’s the kingdom that’s all about You,

From first to last.

Such a passionate love for You,

And who among us,

Is equal to the beauty,

Of Your kingdom?


And should You come,

And actually find us about Your business,

And bless us for our work,

We could only cry out,

“We are unworthy servants!

We are only doing,

That which is our duty!”


For truly, Lord,

Who is equal to Your kingdom?


And yet,

I read it.

We are Your kingdom.


For You have ransomed us,

By Your blood,

From every tribe and nation,

And made us a kingdom,

And priests to our God.


O, Lord,

We are Your kingdom.

And yet,

Teach us what it means,

To be Your kingdom.


Because the world presses,

And blinds.

And I read what Your word says about life,

And that’s not the way we live.

It’s the not way live.


And yet,

have tasted.

And I have seen.

And I have lived here.

But Your kingdom is such,

That there is always further to go.

Further up,

And further in.


Further up into the worship of You.

Further in to the loving of each other.

There is always more of You to know,

And more of love to give.

There is always more.

Teach me the kingdom.


The true harvest comes,

When we stand before Your throne.

And until that time,

Let us work in Your fields.

Let us labor in Your vineyard.

Let us rejoice in our King.


Let us live for the harvest,

And the rest from our labors,

With You.


Make us people,

Who live not for this world,

But whose lives are bent,

On the throne room.


Who don’t ask,

What will I eat?

Or what will I drink?

Or what will I wear?


Or even how will I pay my bills?

Or who will take care of me at the end of my life?

Or what kind of house will I be able to afford?


But make us people who ask the right kind of questions,

Not the wrong kind.

Because they say there are no stupid questions,

But there certainly are wrong questions.

And these are those.


Worry is always asking the wrong question.

And fear is always a lack of fear,

Of You.


Worry sees the waves,

But worship sees the Savior.

Worry sees the questions,

But worship sees the King.


Son of God,

Whose name,

Is the only answer,

We’ll ever need.


And the kingdom of God,

Is found in Your name.

Son of God who is the king,

And the kingdom.


Teach me the kingdom.

Teach me Your face.

Teach me Your name.


Teach me worship,

That astounds even the angels.

Teach me love,

That astounds even me.


Teach me humility,

And forgiveness,

And giving my life away,

For the brothers.

For You.


Teach me loving the least of these,

So that I can love my King.

And as He fellowships with me here,

Let me love Him,

As I love these least of His.


Let me love my King,

Who loves me,

Though I am,

The least of these.


Let me love my King,

Who saw me,

This lowly one,

Invisible to prestige’s eyes.


And I am nothing,

In this world’s eyes.

And I am small and frail,

And filled with weakness.

My heart and my strength,

Fail often.


Yet I love my King,

Who daily meets me on my knees,

In that place of brokenness,

And despair.


My King who comes,

To my trembling heart.

This small heart too small for Him,

Yet He comes and fits,

And dwells in fullness here.


My King who fits Himself into my tiny, trembling heart,

And shatters it to pieces,

And blows it apart,

Wide and strong.


My King who blows apart my trembling heart,

And fills it with His faith.

My King who banishes my fearful heart,

And roars like a lion in my flesh.


My King who strengthens me,

When I can’t go on.

My King who picks me up,

And gives me hind’s feet,

And makes me to walk,

On my impossible and high places.


My King who fills me with such joy at His presence,

That I leap about like a deer on the rocks.

And I dance and sing for joy,

And the worship of my King,

Is my life.


My King who takes thought for me,

And who does not despise,

This weak and foolish thing,

But humbles Himself,

And comes to me,

Who is so small.


My King who would humble Himself,

To come live within my flesh.

And the Son of God beats in my breast,

Speaks to me from within my chest.


King of the universe,

Who fits in my chest.

This is the kingdom,

And I don’t understand it.


Kingdom of the great,

Made small.

Kingdom where the humble,

Are the greatest.


Kingdom of the fear of God.

Kingdom of the humble worship.

Kingdom of the fellowship of the King,

And every moment is this,

Fellowship with the King.


That’s what the kingdom is really all about.

Never ending fellowship with the King.


Every moment,


Every thought,



Always only wanting,

To see You,

To touch You,

To know You,

To be with You here.


That’s the kingdom.

It’s about fellowship with the King.


And it’s a fellowship that thrills,

And breaks,

And humbles,

And teaches,

And challenges.

And encourages,

And strengthens,

And guides.


Fellowship with the King,

Is the map to the kingdom.

It is the kingdom itself.


Fellowship with the King,

Is the kingdom.


And let me learn this,


And every moment,

I live in this flesh.


Let this fellowship with You.

Take me ever deeper,

Into Your kingdom here,

And coming.


Your kingdom now,

And Your kingdom in the throne room,

At the end of this flesh’s days.


King of the kingdom,

From start to finish,

It is all about You.


You are the kingdom,

And I would fellowship with You,

And live in it.


And forevermore.



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