I Live or Die On This Alone

Son of God,

The pursuit of Your fellowship,

Is the only thing.

And the life of worship,

Is the only life.


I taste it again,

And I’m convinced.

I taste You in the deeper place,

And I would give my life,

To stay here.


And that’s how I know it’s the kingdom.

Because I’m really willing to give everything else,

Even my life’s breath,

To keep it.

It’s really that beautiful.


And I’ve never wanted anything else like this before.

Nor since.


For since I’ve found the treasure in the field,

Nothing else has satisfied me.

Since I’ve tasted the place of deep communion with You,

Nothing less is enough.


And I’m restless in my soul,

Unless I’m there with You.

Unless all the passion of my soul,

Is bent on the face of my King,

I’m restless.

And nothing I say or do,

Is enough to satisfy.


But one moment in Your presence,

In that place of deep fellowship,

And my cup runneth over.

My soul instantly fills,

And I know what it is to fully live.


Every single part of me,

Is satisfied,

In the knowing of You.


My mind,

My desperation,

My strength,

My weakness,

My affections,

My passion,

My desires,

This is what they were made for.


I taste You,

And there is no want.

My heart fully bent on knowing You,

Right here,

In this moment,

And I know what it is,

To be alive.


Son of God,

There is nothing for me,

But to know You.


More of You,

Is what my deepest heart,

Cannot help but ask for.

And You spur me to ask,

And You give.


You fill me with a desperation,

To knock,

And keep knocking.

Keep pounding on heaven’s door,

Until I’m ushered in,

To the presence of the King.

And You Yourself,

Are the one who opens.


You are the one,

Who stirs my heart,

To seek.

I, the one with the soul,

Blind, deaf, and mute,

And You seek me first,

And make to to see, hear, touch,

And want,

Desperately want,



You make me to ache for You.


You take my numb heart,

And You stir it with a longing,

So deep and so poignant,

That I’m driven mad by it.

You fill my bosom with a passion,

That makes me desperate for You.


God who makes me to seek,

To ask,

To knock.


God who stirs in me a desperate urgency,

For His face.


And I’m crazed with desire,

And desperate longing.

I’m a soul utterly desperate,

For You.


God who comes seeking me,

And teaches me how to seek Him.

For I would want You,

No other way.



You are seeking me first.


I come to You,

And You are loving me first.


I come only because,

You draw me here.

Son of God,

I would find my way into Your presence,

No other way,

But that You are the one,

Who comes to me first.


I look at it,

And all my life,

You’ve been the one drawing me.

I look at all the seasons of my life,

And all the places I have journeyed,

In heart and mind and soul,

And I’m amazed,

That You found me at all.


God who took one,

As ignorant an foolish as a beast,

And brought me into,

The courts of heaven.


God who took me,

From darkness to light.

God who drew me up out of many waters.

God who saw me when I walked in the wilderness,

In the places of wandering and wondering and pain.


God who ever saw me.

And there was not one moment,

That Your eye wasn’t upon me.

That Your Spirit wasn’t brooding over me,

And keeping watch over my soul,

Until the moment,

My eyes were opened.


God who never lost me.

God who always knew me.

God who called me while I was in that dark place.

God who drew me to Himself,

And I did not seek You,

You sought me.


And You found me.

God who got a hold of my soul,

And brought me in.

God who has laid His claim to me.

God who manifested His presence,

To me.


And I could not find You,

Unless You showed Yourself to me.

God I wasn’t seeking after,

Has made Himself known.


And You continue to.

God who opens my eyes to His presence,

And makes me to see Him.

For, Son of God,

I do not see You,

Except that You have drawn me here,

And touched my eyes,

And made me to see.


I see,

Because You want me to.

I find,

Because You brought me here.

Because You led my heart,

Through many trials and obstacles of soul,

And brought me here.


I get lost along the way,

So often.

I lose my focus,

Lose my footing,

And the world warps and spins,

In my eyes.


Turned around,

And nauseous,

I start heading in the wrong direction,

But You’re always there,

To steer me back.


Hand of God that guides me,

Gentle and firm.

And when I’m all tangled up,

In vines of lies and deception,

You pierce right through,

Cut me to the heart,

And set me free.


And I breathe,

And instantly,

Here You are.


Son of God,

I know You,

Not because I am strong enough,

To know the way myself.

But only because,

You guide and steer me,

From inside my own soul.


Son of God who wrestles deep,

In human hearts.

And the fellowship,

Is in the deepest places.

In the inward places.

In the motives of the heart,

Where the wrestling is.


You fellowship with me,

In my deepest heart.

And only You know the way,

Into that place.

But You lead me there.


And I find You,

Son of God,

Not because I know the right way,

And place,

To seek.


But because You draw me,

From inside my soul.

And I’m driven by an inner compulsion,

Far beyond my own understanding.


Spirit who speaks,

And who draws me,

And who takes my spirit places,

I know not.


I thrill at Your touch.

I want more of You.

And to follow this place of fellowship,

Wherever it goes,

Is all that I desire.


Let me know You more and deeper,

Son of God.

Not because I am wise,

Or able enough,

But because You are.


And because the knowing of You,

Is what You Yourself will do,

In my heart.


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