Symphony in the Storm

God Almighty,

There are so many things,

I do not know.

Yet I know one thing,

Your name.


God Almighty,

Your name is my one anchor,

And the rock that steadies me,

All my life.


God Almighty,

When I am so lost,

In the storm,

And buffeted bloody,

By the wind and waves,

Your name is the one thing,

I can remember,

And so find hope.


God Almighty,

Your name shines like a beacon,

Through the wind and waves and darkness,

And there is hope.

A light.

Something steady beyond the storm.


You are the substance,

Beyond the tempest.

Your name is a harbor,

A solid rock,

A way out of the storm.


Sovereign God,

You alone know,

The storms that have raged within me.

You alone know,

How violent the winds of my soul,

Can be.


You alone know,


And why You have allowed these storms,

To exist.


God who can calm the waves,

Before even they become upset.

Son of God who can quiet the seas,

With just one breath.


And how many storms,

Have You spared me from,

And I have no idea?

I am sure there are many,

Which would have ravaged me,

But You did not permit them.


Haven’t there been times,

When I should have been wrecked,

And upset,

And wasn’t?

Haven’t there been times,

Of calm and assurance,

Both baffling,

And ineffable?



There have.


And yet,

These storms,

You have allowed.


And though I often feel guilty,

And foolish,

And weak,

And wrong,

For being wrecked by them,

Yet instead of trying to wrestle waves,

I will reach my heart up,

And confess Your name.


Whether I am here,

Because of my own weakness,

Or because of Your divine purpose,

Yet still my response,

May always be the same.


I may always,

With Your blessing,

And my own great joy,

Confess Your name.


It is never wrong,

To confess Your name.

And whatever weak things,

I may be,

Yet still You are the perfect God,

And You delight in hearing Your perfect name,

Confessed off of my trembling and cracked,

Lips of clay.


When anxiety,

Tries to steal the breath from my lungs,

And tells me I cannot confess You,

For I am not worthy of You,

And I will only shame You,


And though I wrestle there for a time,

Yet always,

Your name speaks its own glory to my soul,

And I am strengthened by its sound,

And I am compelled,

To speak its echoes,

And declare my soul’s deliverance,

And healing.


You speak Your name to me,

And I begin to revive.

But it’s not until I take the name,

And the praise on my lips,

And shout it like a battle cry,

Into the mocking enemy winds,

That I really taste the healing,

Deep in my soul.


It’s not enough,

Just to hear it.

And I’m not feasting fully on it,

Until I speak it.



Has two parts.

And when I speak Your name,

I enter fully into the communion,

With You.


I speak Your name,

Into the raging winds,

And a fire kindles within me,

That neither gale,

Nor swell,

Can quench.


Fire of the Spirit in my belly,

It burns like a conviction,

Like a hope,

Like a love,

That cannot be quelled.


It burns like an aching,

Like a longing,

Like a sure hope,

Of a coming homeland,

Of a home with the King.


Spirit burns within me,

Like a fire,

When I mention,

Your name.


Something deep in my belly,

And deep in my bones,

Cries out.

And I am lit on fire,

With the hope,

And the passion,

Of heaven.


I shout Your name,

In defiance to the mocking winds.

I smile like a lunatic,

As the salty spray,

Fills my mouth and eyes.


I am filled with a song,

And I keep singing.

And the melody makes me giddy,

And the sound of Your name,

Has turned the tempest,

From a torment,

Into an adventure.


And I’m sailing on the high seas,

Toward the end of a journey,

And the welcome,

Of the Father,

And the joy,

Of the King.


I journey not in circles,

But toward a joyous end.

I trial and travail not in vain,

But for the pleasure and the glory,

Of the King.


For the tempest,

Is not useless,

Else it would not,



And the wrestling,

In this soul,

Is not for naught.

But the God of heaven,

Makes Himself known to me here.


God of heaven,

I will declare Your name,

As You continue to declare it,

To me.


You are the God,

Who does not allow anything,

That has no purpose.

You are not a God,

Who wastes,



You are God who works,

All things,

Into good things.

Into good things in my soul,

And in Your kingdom,


For You have called me,

Into You,

For Your good purpose.

And now I dwell here,

Inside of Your name.


You are God who has brought me into You,

And everything about this journey of mine,

Is about You.

And it all has purpose,

Because it is all about You,

From beginning to end.


And it all has purpose,

For it all brings forth Your fruit.

And all that is unseen,

And seems unimportant now,

Will be the only things that matter,

When my days here,

Are through.


And all that You take me through,

Lead me to the homeland,

With soul full,

And bursting with good fruit.


And one day,

You will delight in the harvest of my soul.

And I will delight in all the storms,

That You brought me through,

To bring it about.


God Almighty,

I will declare Your name.

You are the God who has never left me,

Or forsaken me.


You are God who has been with me,

In darkest times.

You are God who never gives up on me,

Even when I,

Give up on myself.


You are God who holds me,

Sustains me,

And breathes inside of me.

Something stronger than me,

Lives within my chest,

And beats my heart from the inside.


And it is You,

Son of God.

It is You.


Son of God who gives me breath.

Son of God who makes me to live,

When I feel I’ve all but died.

Son of God who revives my hope,

When I forget it.

Son of God who restores and rejuvenates,

My soul.


Son of God who fills me with life,

More abundant.

And when I settle for less than life,

You wrestle with my soul,

And give me no rest,

Until I come desiring,

All of You.


And in all of You,

I find rest for my soul.

And in all of You,

I find life abundant.

And in all of You,

I find joy overflowing.


In all of You,

I find hope,







In all of You,

I find my soul.


Son of God,

You ever lead me to more,

By leading me to yet more of You.


And that’s why I move forward at all,

On this journey.

Because I am pursuing,

The more of You,

That You are calling me to.


I go from hope,

To hope.

From strength,

To more strength.

From grace,

To more grace.


Sometimes its a bloody battle,

Getting from one to the other.

Sometimes there are severe storms,

That stir up the waters,

As we travel on the way.


Sometimes we must needs go through the trial,

To get to the desired haven.

Sometimes it’s only the storm,

That can bring the growth and the glory,

Within us.


Sometimes the treasure,

Is only in the storm.


Son of God,

The treasure in the storm.

And I will shout Your name to the four winds,

And delight in You,


Amidst the thunders and the lightnings,

And the savage wind and rain.


I will look around me,

And see Your name and Your glory,

Declared and displayed,

In every violent crack,

And every splintered place,

And even in the rain,

That spatters my face.


And I will see Your tender grace,

And indestructible glory,

Springing up,

Like a tender shoot.

Righteousness within my soul.


Son of God who is my peace in the storm,

And the growth in me,

Because of the storm.


Storm that waters tender seeds.

Storm that rips up deadly weeds.

Storm that pierces,

And heals,

And grows.


I sing Your name in the storm,

And the storm becomes a place of joy.

And I actually delight in it,

For You are here,

And You are pleased with the good,

That You are working down deep.


And Your pleasure,

Is my soul’s delight.


God who does all things well,

From beginning to end.

God who is doing good things here.

God who delights in me.

God whom I delight in.


Your name turns my storm into a deep and giddy joy.

Your pleasure in my soul,

Turns my sorrow,

Into laughter,

And my mourning,

Into dancing.


You speak Your name over me,

And my pain is transformed,

Into an offering.

Of praise.


I love You, O Lord,

My strength,

And my song.

You have become,

My salvation.


Your name, O Lord,

Is the delight,

And salvation,

Of my soul.


To have You with me,

And as my God,

Is to be,

Utterly safe,

And content,

Even in the midst,

Of storm.


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