Treasure in the Deepest Places

I love You, O Lord my strength.

You are the best thing,

That has ever happened to me.

And You just keep happening to me,

Over and over again,



You light my soul on fire,

And make me excited,

To live this life.

You fill my heart with passions and possibilities,

And I’m giddy with the headiness of it all. 


Your truth,

Dazzles and amazes me.

Your Spirit,

Breathes life into me,

And I think my soul will burst.


You give me birth,

And make me live.

You fill my life with purpose,




Sometimes life seems so holy,

I can scarcely breathe.

Sometimes You fill my head,

And heart,

With truth that just,

Rips my soul apart.

And I’m ripped open,

And stretched out,

And born alive,

A little deeper.


You are God who takes me as I am,

Broken heart and questions all,

And You meet me here,

Inside my own feeble heart,

And my own trembling mind,

And You come,

And the whole thing,



You stand in the middle of me,

And suddenly,

I am more than I am.

You stand in the middle,

Of the tenderest parts of my soul,

And suddenly my flesh,

Is a holy thing.


House of the Living God.

And I would scarcely believe it,

Except that I have felt it.

I have touched and tasted and known,

The presence and the power,

Of the Living God,



God who formed,

And fashioned me.

God who made something,

From nothing.

God who took this shapeless void,

And molded her into,

This vessel of Your glory.


God who does all things well.

I marvel at You.

And I confess Your name,

And Your fingerprints,

All over my life.


I look at every place I’ve been,

I think of everything that has shaped me,

And though I do not know,

Why it is You chose to bring me here,

This way,

I marvel at what You are now creating.

And I must confess,

You know what You are doing.

And You do all things well. 


You have a knack,

For working all things,

Into good things.

You have a talent,

For taking even the most painful,

Or ugly,

Of things,

And weaving it into something,

Truly glorious.


And now,

I cannot stand in the middle of pain,

And think it utterly hopeless,

And bereft of beauty.

I can no longer stand in the middle of pain,

The same way.


For I know better.


I have seen,

Time and time,

And time again,

How You have worked the deepest beauty,

In my deepest pain. 


And now even my deepest sorrow,

Is tinged with joy,


Yet profound.

For I know,

And well I know,

That You are working something,

Truly beautiful here.


And in the midst of sorrow,

Whether I want to know it or not,

Yet it nips at the corners of my mind.

Even in that moment of deep pain,

You are doing all things well.


And I feel the tug of joy,

Whether I want to or not.

Feel the Spirit compelling me,

To confess it,

And embrace it.

You are doing even this,

Remarkably well.


And I can rejoice,

Even in the midst of sorrow.

For I know that You are creating,

A bouquet of joy,

For my soul.


And I will be well satisfied,

By the fruit of my soul,

Which You are bringing forth here.

In the midst of the sorrow,

I know it.

That one day I will look at the harvest grown here,

And I will confess it with unbridled joy,

It was all worth it.


Son of God,

Though today is not filled with sorrow,

Yet tomorrow might be.

But I look back on all the days,

And the seasons You’ve brought me through,

And I mine this treasure,

From the deep caves,

Of my soul.


And I find the treasure,

Hidden in the darkness.

And there is always treasure,

And I want to be courageous and wise enough,

To find it,

And keep it.


I want to buy the truth,

And sell it not.

I want to mine the treasure,

The truth and beauty,

The face of You,

Out of every aspect of life.

And I want to take those treasures,

Deep into my soul,

And live them.


Son of God,

You know my ache,

To dig and dig and dig,

And mine all this life,

And all this world,

For the treasure of You,

And Your truth,

Hidden therein.


You know how I thrill,

When I find it.

Like the woman who found the coin she lost.

Like the man who found the one pearl,

Of great price.


I have found the kingdom,

Yet I thrill to find it,

Yet more and more,

Everywhere I look.


Son of God,

I have a passion,

To dig deep,

Into anything,

And everything,

I can,

And find Your face,



I have a passion to mine the truth and beauty,

Out of life.

To look and to seek and to find,




For You hide among the details,

And the souls.

And the moment I find You,

I break,

And weep for joy.


Son of God,

There is no greater thrill for me,

Than finding You in a place,

Where I didn’t know You were.


Or to see You with my own eyes,

Where I have only heard rumors,

Of You.


There is nothing like seeing You,

With my own eyes.

There is nothing like touching You,

With my own soul.

With my own raw and beating heart.


There is nothing like being raw and exposed to You,


And seeing the Living God,

And having Him touch Your mind,

And make it alive.


O, Son of God,

The reality of You thrills me,

And it is visceral.


O, Son of God,

You touch me,

And I want to break open,

Because its all I know to do.


O, Son of God,

I want to break open,

So I can take the whole of You in.

I want to break open,

And spill the whole of You out.


All of You,

Into me,

And all of You,

Flowing out of me.


You break my heart,

And I want only this.

I inhale and exhale,



An ache to mine,

All the treasure.

And an ache to live,

Like a heart full,

Of gold, silver, and precious stones.


I ache to be one,

Who searches the world,

And the faces,

And the souls,

And finds the glittering treasure,

Sparkling somewhere,

Deep within.


And I ache to be known as one,

With a chest full of treasure.

One whose life lives,

All the treasure she has found.

And one whom others seek out,

And come to,

To partake of the treasure,

And share in the wealth.


I ache for this.


For to mine You deep,

In the prayer place,

In the living place,

In all of it,

The holy place,

Is ecstasy to me.

And I know why I live.


And to share You deep,

With other souls here,

Is the exhale of the ecstasy,

I so desperately need,

And long for.


Make my life,

A treasure chest.

Make me one who seeks deep and long and hard,

To find the precious treasure.

Yet let me not hoard it all,

Or cast it away,

In anxious doubt,

Once found.


But let me mine life,

For all its wealth.

And let me share its wealth,

With any and all,

Who know me,

And will listen.


Let me share this wealth,

With my speech,

With my attitude,

With my action.


Let it be known,

That I live the treasure,

And that I will willingly share the treasure,

I have found.


Let me live it,

And let me give it.


Let the exhale of my life,

Shed treasure everywhere.


O, give me this joy,

Of a life well-lived!

Of a live,

Of giving away,

That which is my most precious treasure.


Treasure which only grows,

With the sharing.

And you can’t diminish the wealth of heaven,

By sharing it with others.

You buy it,

By giving your whole soul.

And you keep it,

By giving it away.


Teach me this.

The sharing of the treasure of the kingdom.

Teach me this.


O Lord,

Nothing would please me more,

Than to get my hands and feet,

And face,


With the digging,

And the mining,

Of all the treasure.


Except perhaps,

To have my joy made complete,

By sharing the treasure with other souls,

And swimming in the wealth of it,



My joy is made complete,

When I can swim in the deep waters of Your truth and glory,

With the souls,

Of my fellow saints.


When we can likewise,

See and savor,

And worship You,



And the ground shakes beneath us,

As we kneel and pray and praise,

And the world is shaken,

And stirred,

And changed,

Because of Your glory alive in us,

And with us here.


Is my joy fulfilled.


And I can die happy,




And my life is complete,

And there’s nothing more I want to accomplish,

And I’m ready to meet my Savior,

And my King.


And I want to live always in that place.

Mining the treasure,

Sharing the treasure,

And seeing the whole world shake and change,

As we kneel and thrill and worship,

And move.


And I want to live always,

Satisfied with the fruit of my life,

And ready to come home to my King,

Any moment He should choose.


And yet ready always,

To stay here,

And to mine and share and live,

A moment longer.


For the cry of my heart,

Is to know You more.

Whether here,

In the blood and sweat and tears,

Of the mining of the deep gold,

Or the final coming home,

To the fullness of the treasure,

At last fully given,

And made known.


I ache for more of Your face,

And more of Your fellowship,

And more of the knowing of You,

In all truth and life and glory and love,

Son of God.


Whether here,

Or in the homeland,

I ache always,


For ever one more,

Deeper touch,

And deeper knowing,

Of You.


You are truth that stuns,

And cuts,

And baffles,

And heals,

And gives life,

So abundant,

Earth cannot contain it,

And I cannot keep the feet of my soul,

On the ground.


And You are glory,

And beauty,

So breathtaking,

And astounding,

That my heart aches,

And breaks,

At the sight of You.


Just one glimpse of You,

And I am undone.

You are beauty that utterly devastates,

And enraptures,

The souls of men.


And I ache to know You more,

High King of heaven,

And the treasure therein.

There is nothing,


So beautiful and thrilling,

As You.


And to taste You,

Is to see everything else,

As dull,

By comparison.


And to know You,

Is to come alive,

And to find rest only,

In the knowing of more.


O, Son of God,

To see You,

Is to see the glory of heaven,

Peeking through,

And to want nothing more,

Than to be completely joined,

To it.


To see You,

Is to want to give my whole soul,

To have You.


You are the One,

Who gives me a soul,

To give away.


You are God,

Who makes me whole,

And gives me a whole heart,

To give away,

To You.


You consume me,

And with the consuming,

You heal me,

And make me whole.


I cannot fathom You,

But You are,

All I want.



Beautiful One.



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