Why the Trial is Really a Triumph in Progress


Son of God.

The name that is salvation to us.

The name that is our victory,

Over the world.



Son of God.

Your name is mercy and salvation to me.


And when I’m in the middle of fear,

I confess Your name,

And I live.

I confess Your name,

And I find my way back into the place of rest,

In Your presence.



Son of God,

Gospel of God,

You are the answer to everything.


I stand in the middle of the world,

Feet caught in the pull of the tide,

The ebb and flow and the pressing in and flooding out,

Swirling constantly all around me.


I stand in the middle of this crazy world,

And I confess Your name,

Even here,

And instantly my eyes begin to clear,

And I see.



I see You.


Son of God who reigns all over this place here,

I see You.


I confess Your name,

And Your gospel,

And suddenly it is finished,

And I’m standing in grace,

And You are the victory that overcomes the world.

And I can’t remember,

What I was so afraid of.


And the moments I turn anxious,

And I see the world and myself,

Through panicked eyes,

As big as saucers,

What I’m really doing,

Is turning from Your name,

And calling You a liar.


I’m dragging Your name through the mud,

And stepping on it,

And saying that it’s not enough.

That You’re not enough.


But You are the victory that overcomes the world.

You are the answer to everything.

I stand with my feet in the water,

Confess Your name here,

And I’m in Your presence.


The world is Your footstool,

And all of heaven and earth,

Fulfill Your will.

Whether they know it or not.


Because You are Lord of all,

And You reign here.

You reign over all things.

You reign,

Son of God,

You reign.


And suddenly there is nothing,

That we can’t do.

And suddenly there is no place,

That is not good,

And beautiful.


You are the name,

That transforms,


Into victory.


Jesus Christ,

Son of God,

Your name transforms everything into victory.


I think about that,

And how true it is,

And I walk forward into all this day,

And all this life,

With a joy and a confidence,

In my heart.


Because You are the name,

That transforms all that presses into me,

Into victory.

And You are the one,

Who holds everything in my life,

And makes it beautiful.


I think about how You are victory,

And I look around me at the world,

As it whizzes past my window,

And I marvel at the miracles.


Your name,

Son of God,

Transforms everything,

Into a miracle.


You turn water into wine,

Death into life,


Into masterpiece.


I marvel at You,

Son of God.

God whose name,

Is a miracle.


Your name is redemption.

Your name is salvation.

Your name is hope,

And healing.

Your name,

Is victory.


I speak Your name,

And I enter into Your tent,

And I abide with You,

In Your victory.


I speak Your name,

And I feast on who You are.

Son of God who has made Himself,

My Lord.


Because the truth of it is really,

That I didn’t choose You to be my Lord.

But You simply are Lord,

Of all.

And You chose me,

To belong to You.


You chose me,

And took me under Your wings,

And took me into You,

To dwell.


You chose me,

And took me under the banner,

Of Your victory.

And You made me,

A trophy of Your victory.

And my life smells of Your beauty,

To the Father.


My soul is the fragrance of Christ,

To the Father.


And when You look at my life,

God Almighty,

You see,


You see success.

You see beauty,

And a trophy,

And something,

To rejoice in.


Your Spirit,

Looks at my soul,

And rejoices.


I am something,

Worth rejoicing over,

In Your eyes.



Because You look at me,

And You see the victory of the Son,

And this one whom You chose,

Before the foundation of the world,

Is Yours.

And the blood of Your Son,

Has freed this heart from the power,

Of sin and darkness.


And Your Spirit lives within,

And Your Son is the living victory,

Ever beating and ever conquering,

Inside this chest.


And everything I go through,

Only makes me more of a conqueror.

For the Son of God,

Pushes and strengthens and sustains my heart,

To triumph.


And He is the victory,

Beating in my chest,

That all the powers of sin and hell and darkness,

Cannot overcome.


And no matter the fire,

That they put me through,

Christ makes me overcome.

And each new trial,

Produces a new and greater victory.

And every struggle against evil and sin,

Only creates a platform,

For the ultimate victory of Christ,

That will shine through here.


And every trial,

And every struggle,

Only draws out the victory of Christ,

Even more.


And it’s in the trial,

And the struggle,

And the impossible fight,

Against the world and the flesh and the devil,

That the victory of Christ,

Shows its teeth.

Shows itself to be a real thing.


It’s the overcoming of the impossible,

That shows You to be,

The Living Son of God,

In my chest.


Son of God,

Who is victory over sin,

Joy in the midst of sorrow,

Peace in the midst of chaos,

Righteousness and hope that lodge themselves,

Deep into the fabric of the soul,

Sink their teeth in,

And don’t let go.


You transform us.

You live and thrive in us.

And we overcome.


We tend to despair,

Over the trials,

As if something strange were happening to us.


But You desire to show,

The strength and power,

Of Your victory.

And You make us more than conquerors,

By bringing us through trials,

And making us,

To overcome.


There is no victory,

Without adversity.

There is no triumph,

Without trial.


Son of God,

You are the victory,

That burns and battles,

In our chests.


You are the one,

Who has conquered,



And You are our victory,

And our banner,

And the triumph,

Raging and conquering ground,

Within us.


We are trophies of Your victory,

And You look at us,

And rejoice,

In the victory of Your Son,

Shining here. 


Son of God,

Who is the victory,

Over all things,

Your name transforms all things,

Into victory,

And miracle.


And I will confess Your name,

And rejoice in You,

And what You’ve done.


You are my joy,

My victory,

My treasure,

My King and my Lord,

And my life,

Is a miracle.


And I will sing Your song.


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