A Moment on the Threshold

God of beauty,

You never stop giving.

And I never tire of receiving.


God who gives Himself,

In Spirit and truth,

Every moment,

Of everyday.


And every moment,

I can choose to turn to You,

And fellowship with the God of heaven.


Your beauty stuns me,

And You give it everyday.

Your truth thrills me,

And they are living words,

That ever plunge me ever deeper,

And deeper,

Into You,

Living Word.


I walk with Wisdom,

And He’s so close and so real,

I could reach out,

And nearly hold His hand.


Son of God,

Living Wisdom,

Who walks with me.


Spirit and truth,

And You walk with me.


Beauty that dazzles,

Wisdom that baffles.

Glory that astounds,

And majesty that just leaves the heart,



Son of God,

You are beauty and wisdom,






And my life,

Is so alive.

And I thrill at Your touch,

In my soul.


And You are always here,

And always breathing,

And if I will only take You in,

I will fill.


My lungs fill with air,

My chest fills with life.

My mind spins with glorious fury,

And I travel the lengths of the universe,

Without even leaving this one spot.


I see things,

And I touch things,

That are strangers to me.

You introduce me to faces and friends,

I would never have known.


Son of God,

Who walks with me,

And everywhere I go,

You surround me.


Your presence teaches,

And thrills.

It deepens the soul,

An fills it with such life,

It’s almost too much to bear.


Son of God,

You are the best life.

And the fellowship with You,

Is the wanting for nothing.


I fill with You,

And my life is complete. 

I fill with You,

And my day and my life and my soul,

Are full.


And I am the richest person I know. 

And I want for nothing.

And how can this frail heart of clay,

With the life full of holes,

Yet be royalty dwelling in the heavenly places,

And dwelling with the High King of heaven,

And full of His fellowship,

And here in His presence,

Even now?


Son of God,

How can such a life,

Be mine?


How can I be so full of You,

And my life be overflowing with joy,

And it doesn’t really matter,

Where I am?


But everywhere I go,

And everything I do,

Is complete,

Because it’s really not the things,

That fill the life.

But it’s You.


And You are fullness to me and in me,


And so everywhere is complete,

And victory,

And success unfolding.


Because You are already my success,

And victory,

And fullness.


I have the Sovereign God,

The High King of heaven,

Dwelling in me,

And pleased with my soul.

And what more can I ever want,

Than that?


And all of my life now,

Is just the outflowing,

Of the victory and treasure,



And now every step I take,

Is a stepping out,

Of the gospel within.


Every step I take,

Is the gospel alive,

And flowing out.


And victory,

And success here,

Are the sparks flying outward,

From the inward flame.


But I already feel the victory.

And I already taste the success.

And I already linger in the fellowship,

And the it is finished.

And my soul is full,

And all my life,

Is now the exhale,

Of the reality that already lives.


And all this flowing,

And all this fruit,

Is all just so much more grace,

On top of what I have already received.


Not only do I get gospel,

But I get fruit too.


Upon grace.


Can my soul thrill any more,

I wonder?



Upon grace.

And You lead us from grace,

To more grace.

And just when we think,

We’ve gone as high as we can go,

You lift us up,

To more grace.


The gospel always goes so much deeper,

Than we know.

And it never stops producing fruit alive.

And I wonder that transformation,

Is really such a deep and powerful word.


And the world is transforming before my eyes,

But it’s really my eyes,

That are transforming.


And it stuns me.


Faces shift,

Creation colors,

I hear music and melody,

And every shadow is rich,

With depth and shades of meaning,

And beauty.


The world around me,

Is profoundly alive,

And beautiful.

And it’s my soul that is changing,

To see it.


And I wonder,

In those moments,

If my eyes aren’t miracles.


The gospel is healing my eyes.

Son of God,

Your name,

And Your gospel,

Are healing my eyes,

And transforming my soul.


I’m watching it happen,

And I’m swept along for the ride.

I’m seeing myself change,

And wondering at how You’ve made it happen.


I confess Your name,

And I find You here communing with me.

And my life has forever been changed,

By this.


Knowing You so close.

And knowing that every moment,

Is a moment standing at the veil.

And every moment,

I’m standing on the threshold,

Of the Holy of Holies,

And the throne room,

Of heaven.


Every moment,

I stand before the face,

Of the Living God.

And how could my life,

Be more holy than that?


And it’s in the confessing,

Of what is right now true,

That I cross the threshold,

And my soul enters fully in.

And I abide.


And every time I start confessing,

And Your presence here,

Comes into focus,

I wonder how I’ve been such a fool,

As to let so many moments,

Slip by,

Without this.


And I wonder that I waste,

So much time to worship,

Because I forget to confess,

And remember,

Who You are.


God who is with me,

And living gospel with me,

Right now.

And I pass up the moments,

To remember that.


But the moment I start confessing,

And the moment I start feasting,

I wonder that You can be so close,

And I am not consumed. 


You are so near,

I feel I could touch You.

And You are the Most High,

And that thought makes me tremble.


Most High God,

Who is majesty,


And all of it glory,

Thank You for being here,

And making my soul and my world,



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