God Doesn’t Have Small Hands

You are God,

Who fills me with rejoicing.

And I never lack a feast,

With You.


God who fills this day,

With Your beauty and wisdom.

From the rising of the sun,

To its setting,

Let Your name be praised.


God whom all creation declares.

God who feeds all creation,

From His own hand.

We are sustained by You,

And everything You feed us,

Is enough. 


You are God who provides,

And we are never lacking. 

You are God who owns all bread,

And feeds it to us,

As we need.


You are God,

And my resources are not enough,

But Yours are.

For You own the cattle on a thousand hills,

And You own all the grain in the ground,

And all the water in the earth.


You are God who makes all things grow,

As You will.

God who is the breath and the movement,

Of all life.


You move life to move,

And You breathe life to breathe,

And everything around us is holy,

And dancing in Your presence here.


And we look around at the need,

And we cry that we can’t meet it,

Even if we mine our lives,

For all the natural resources,

They’re worth.


And we look around us,

And we moan that it’s impossible.

Add up the cost,

And subtract the resources,

And the deficit is still,



“You say You will meet our needs,”

We argue,

“But there is just no way,

That these resources,

Are enough.

There is no way,

You can make this happen.”


And we talk like this,

To the Living God.

And I look at it in my mind’s eye,

And it’s the most asinine thing in the world.


Yet You are patient with our weakness,

And our small minds of clay.

Slow to understanding,

Of Your name.


And so You gently prod us,

And remind us,

Who You are.

Who it is,

We are talking to.


And You ask us,

Is the LORD’s hand shortened? 

Now you shall see whether My word will come true for you,

Or not.” (Numbers 11:23)


I read that,

And I remember these other words,

And this promise that You’ve made:

“Therefore do not be anxious, saying,

‘What shall we eat?’ or

‘What shall we drink?’ or

‘What shall we wear?’  


For the Gentiles seek after all these things,

And your heavenly Father knows,

That you need them all.


But seek first the kingdom of God,

And His righteousness, 

And all these things,

will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:31-33)


Has Your hand been shortened?

Are You not able to provide,

For all my needs?


Are You not still Creator?

Are You not still Lord,

Of all?


Are You not still the one,

Who makes the sun to rise,

Each morning?


Are You not still the one,

Who sends the rain,

And gives the growth?


Are You not still,

The Sovereign God?

And are You not still sovereign,

Over all?


You feed all things,

From Your own hand.

And Your hand,

Is not shortened.


You are still the God,

Who controls the wind,

And the sun,

And the rain,

And the storms.


You are still the God,

Who governs all things.

And You are still the God,

Who is doing all things,

And doing them well.


You are God,

And Your hand is not shortened.

You are God,

And You do all things well.


What You have promised,

You will fulfill.

No matter how hopeless and impossible,

It seems.


You are God,

Who has plans,

We cannot fathom.

You are God who is already in the process of fulfilling,

And it is really,

Already done.


Before the foundation of the world,

It was already done.

And just because we haven’t seen it yet,

Doesn’t mean it isn’t already here.


I’m already living in victory.

And I’m already living in the finished provision,

Even if I haven’t seen,

What that looks like yet.


You are God who sustains me,

And meets all my needs,

Even right now.


And it’s all already done.

And I can smile at the adversity,

That tries to rock my boat,

And steal my joy.


For the God of the universe,

Is my Lord,

And my Father.

And the God of all creation,

Bends His power and might,

To meet my needs.


And I am the safest one,

In all creation.

And all my needs,

Even future needs,

Are already met.


And I live in the right now constant feast,

Of constant fellowship,

With the Most High.


And the Most High,

Is always my feast,

And my refuge.

And there is nowhere I can go,

Where I cannot have Him,

In fellowship.


And so I am always satisfied,

And always full,

And never wanting.


The God of the universe,

Is the feast for my soul.

And what ever,

Could I lack?


And even in the moments,

When I forget His presence,

And I moan and weep,

And wail,


And even in the moments,

When my heart is seized with terror,

And I let the breath be stolen from me,

And I let myself,

Forget how to confess,


Yet He is here.

And I am standing,

Because of His faithfulness,

And not my own.


For when I’ve turned tail and retreated,

He’s pursued me.

And when I’ve fled into the darkness,

He’s been the solid mass of warmth and goodness,

I’ve run face-first into.


He’s been the God,

Who has picked me up out of despair,

And put my feet on solid hope,

And put a song of joy in my mouth.


He’s been the God,

Who has saved me from myself,

And my own prison. 


He’s the God who’s gone before me,

And come behind me,

And surrounded me,

On all sides.






He’s been there.


And I’ve lived my life,

Surrounded by God Almighty.


And even when I didn’t know it,

And I fought and flailed hard,

Like a desperate and dying thing,

He has been the God,

Who’s held me afloat,

In an ocean of grace.


And He’s been the God,

Who has saved and delivered,

And sustained,

And transformed me.


He’s the God who’s never left me or forsaken me,

Even when I forsook and abandoned,

All though of Him.

And I love Him for that.

I will love Him forever,

For His faithfulness to me.


I love Him,

Because He loved me first.

I love Him,

Because He pursued me,

And He swallowed me up,

And He embraced me,

And He has never ever let me go.


My solid rock.

My firm foundation.

My hope,

My breath,

And the one who makes me breathe,

When I forget how.


God who makes me live,

From the inside out.

I love Him forever,

For He Himself,

Lives in my chest,

And He is faithful to me,



God who is faithful to His own name.

And God who has chosen me,

To lavish His faithful name upon.

I will love You forever.

For You, Yourself,

Have done it.


Your arm is not shortened,

And You hand has not failed.

And may any who despair,

Find their hope in You,

Faithful one.


Open their eyes,

And let them see beauty and wisdom,

Alive all around them,



And may they see and know,

The Living God,

In their midst,

And breathing all around them.


May they see that they stand,

At the threshold,

Of the Holy of Holies,

And may they make the choice,

To step forward,

And enter in.


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