There’s Wisdom in the Dirt

I stand here,

At the end of another day,

And I look out over the vast expanse,

That rolls out like so many hills,

Out and below,

My feet.


I stand here,

Up on this mountain,

And look back,

Over it all.


The wind gently plays in my hair,

Blows the strands back from my face.

Gentle hands pulling off blinders,

And beckoning me,





You brush back the veil.

Blow the breeze across my face,

And will me to see.


I stand with You,

And we watch the sun set,


And You splash so many colors across the sky,

And the clouds float like color-filled shadows.

Like so many flavored marshmallows,

Dancing in the sky.


All the rest of creation,

Seems to hold its breath,

And watch with wonder,

As the heavens declare. 


From this place right beside me,

You command the heavens.

And as I watch the sky,

With open-mouthed,

And awestruck wonder,

You paint with words and fingers.

With wisdom and beauty.


By wisdom and by word,

You created the world.

And the heavens and the earth,

Were brought forth,

In deepest wisdom.

In spoken beauty.

In Living Word.


And the depth of the wisdom,

Hidden here in the earth,

Who can fathom?


You have spoken all this,

Into existence,

And who has probed the depths,

Of all Your words?


By wisdom You spoke,

And the universe was.

And we’ve not yet reached,

The furthest ends of space,

Nor of the ocean below,

Nor even the depths,

Of the very earth beneath our feet.


And how could we ever think,

We could reach,

The depths of You?



By Your words,

You spoke,

And the world began,

And we can touch it.


You breathed Your words,

And wisdom took shape,

In the form of earth,

And dirt. 


And all that we see,

And touch,

Was made by the God we cannot see,

And we’ve never touched.


And yet,

We do.

Each day we do.


As we live and move and breathe here,

We see and touch You,

Hidden behind the veil,

Of earth.


We look up at the sky,

And the wind blows the veil back for a moment,

And we see into the throne room.

Just a glimpse,

Of a glory,

Far beyond.


We touch dirt,

And we’re touching wisdom.

And have we ever stopped to dig,

In the earth at our feet?


What treasures would we find,

Buried here,

Right beneath us,

If we would only reach our fingers deep,

And dig.


There’s wisdom buried at our feet.

And all around us,

There are depths of beauty,

To be mined.


Every human face,

Every breathing soul.

Every task,

Every movement,

Every moment, every pattern, every shape,


Every culture,

Every cry.

Every passion,

Every breathing,

Every labor,

Every love,


Every broken heart,

And every mend of redemption.

Every birdsong,

Every sunset,

Every wave upon the ocean,

And footstep upon the shore.


Everywhere we look,

Everything we touch,

Is a wealth of Your glory,

And the very face of God,

Hidden here beneath the dirt.


And it’s a treasure hunt,

And a beach littered with shells,

And a deep, deep soil,

Laden with precious stones,

Crying out to be found.


We live on the surface,

Of so much holy,

It’s a wonder we can breathe at all. 


How does the wonder,

Not paralyze our lungs?

How can we remember how to breathe,

When even breathing itself,

Is such a holy marvel,

And a work of wisdom and beauty.


How can we possibly take in the splendor of this life,

When we can’t even move past our own beating chest,

Without being assaulted,

By miracles?


In wisdom,

You shaped the world.

And if only we could really see,

We would be wise.


For Your wisdom speaks,

From every corner,

And the world is alive with it.


It’s Your living wisdom,

That is our breath,

And our heartbeat,

And the earth beneath our feet,

And all the life,

That explodes,

From every cell,

And every corner.


There’s nowhere we can go,

Where wisdom isn’t. 

There’s nothing we can touch,

That isn’t infinitely deep,

And profound with beauty.


You spoke,

And the world lived.

And everything we see,

Is a living wonder.


And the Living Word,

Is everywhere at work around us,

And yet so many days,

We pass Him by.


We live in a world,

That is alive with life.

The earth is screaming Your song,

Yet somehow,

We manage not to see or hear,

Your beauty.


I wonder at our ability,

To deceive ourselves,

And to think ourselves into blindness,

And wrap ourselves up in deafness.

To work our way into the middle,

Of ignorance,

And live not perceiving,

What is truly,

Plain as day.


O, Living Wisdom,

Open our eyes to You,

Deep and beckoning to us,

Beneath the surface,

Of all things.


Show us Your beauty.

Stir our hearts to dig for it,

And to see it,

There behind,

All things.


Teach us to remember Your name,

And to speak it,

And to see You,

Alive and moving all around us,

And hidden beneath the dirt,

Of all things.


God who takes off the veil,

And we behold You.

Your face reflected to us in Scripture,

And sung to us in Creation.

And just the reflection,

Of Your glory,

Is enough to stun our eyes.


Yet we behold You,

With unveiled faces.


God who lifts up the veil,

God who touches our eyes,

And makes them see.


God who comes to numb and dead hearts,

And makes them live.

Creator who reaches low,

Tenderly touches,

What His own hands have made,

And takes His broken creature,

And makes it right again.


God who tore the veil,


And the veil,

Was God,



And He tore it,

Rent His body open,

Let the blood flow out,

And bought His children,



You made Your own blood flow,

And at Your own cost,

You bought me back,

And gave me all the riches,

Of heaven,



And now I stand here,

With You on this mountain,

And I take it all in,

And it’s mine to see,

And to taste,

And to mine,

And to love.


And it’s my inheritance,

To see You,

And know You,

And thrill at Your beauty and wisdom,

In all things.


I have been given,

The treasure of heaven.

And the earth too,

Is full of the treasure of heaven.

And so everywhere I look,

There’s You.


And You give it all to me,

To see.

And to love.

And to thrill at.


What a gift,

What a rush,

What a beautiful,

And deep life,

I’ve been given!


Depths of wisdom and beauty,


But I’ll mine,

And I’ll savor,

And I’ll tell,

All that my soul,

Can hold.


Until the day when this soul,

Explodes into the fullness of You,

And the flesh is no more,

And I’m made fully one,

With the wisdom,

And the beauty,

Of the Living God.


Until the day,

When I’m made fully one,

With the High King of heaven,

With Wisdom and Beauty,



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