Son of God,

Who blesses me with life. 

I wake today,

And I am really and truly alive,

Deep in my soul,

And I thank You,

For this gift.


The gift of life,

That You alone,

Can give.

And You have given it to me,

And I breathe in sacred life.


The Spirit of the Most High,

Breathes inside of me.

And I am really and truly,

Soul and spirit,





Eternally alive,

With the Living God,

Himself alive in me.


What it means to be alive,

I cannot fully comprehend.

To have the Spirit of the Living God within you,

Who can comprehend,

What this means?


I start to gaze into the depths of You,

And I am undone,

And baffled.

Yet the fullness of this mystery,

Dwells within me,

In ways I have yet,

To fathom.


I breathe in the air of today,

And I marvel that I am so,



Son of God,

I am Your Spirit’s forever home.


For You have not come to dwell with me,


You do not merely tolerate my soul,

For a time.


But You are making my soul,

Your permanent dwelling.

And it will be a place,

Suitable for You.


You Yourself,

Will see to it.


For You will not dwell eternally,

In an unsuitable house.

And a less than perfect soul,

Would never be,

Your holy temple.


But You dwell in me,

And You call me Your temple,

And You are transforming me,

Into a worthy home.


I could never be worthy enough,

To have enticed and invited You here.

But You came like a gift,

Like the Master,

And the Builder,

Of the house,

Come back to claim,

What’s His.


And now You are here,

You will transform this house,

Into a worthy abode.

And my soul will be,

Worthy of the glory,

Of the Most High God.


This soul,

Will forever be,

The home of the Living God.


And You’ve come to stay,

For all eternity.


I ponder what that means,

And it takes my breath away.



I am the forever home,

Of the Living God.


And the Spirit who raised Christ,

From the dead,

Now lives within me.

I take the weight of that truth,

And I hold it in my soul,

And it’s a weight of glory,

Altogether too wonderful for me.


Living Son of God,

Your Spirit fills my chest.

I ponder what this means,

And it makes me tremble.


My mind splits open,

Like the tearing of a new birth.

There’s an expanding in my soul,

Just to take in a glimpse of You.


God whom I worship,

There are days You draw me close,

And bid me look deeper,

Into the pools of who You are.


I gaze into Your nature,

And what You’ve declared Your name to be,

Consider it,

And roll it over in my head,

And my soul tears open,

As I expand to take in,

As much as my human flesh,



I gaze into the pools of You,

And I’m staring straight down,

Into a vast abyss,

That has no bottom. 


I see straight down into bottomless,

But I can only drink,

The water cupped in my hands,

Here at the surface.


My heart skips a beat,

My breath catches in my chest,

And for a moment I wonder,

How to worship You.


I stand peering into Your depths,

And they’re so far beyond me,

And You are so much unlike me.

And there are no human words,

And no human thoughts,

High enough,

Or deep enough,

To even do justice,

To the ripples along Your surface.


I stand here lost for words,

And I wonder how I’ll ever speak again.

What I have seen,

Silences me.


For the God of heaven,

Is so much greater than I knew.

And who am I to speak of Him,

And His depths,

As though I understood,

And knew Him?



And were the story to end here,

It would be a sorry state.

For there would be nothing for humanity,

But being undone.


But here’s the marvel,

And the saving grace,

And the miracle,

That only deepens the mystery,

Even while it takes me into its center.


Your Spirit lives in me. 


The Living God,

Whom I cannot comprehend,

His very nature lives in my chest.

And I am forever joined,

With the High God of heaven,

Whom I cannot,




That’s the grace that changes everything.

That’s the gift that brings us near.

Spirit of the Son of God,

Living in our chests.

And You know us as Your own,

By the Spirit that blazes within.


And as the Son was and is to the Father,

So too are we.

As the Son understood and knew the Father,

So Your Spirit within us,

Understands and knows You,

As our human minds,

Could never have dreamed to hope.


And as the Son’s soul,

Lives only for the Father’s will,

So Your Spirit within us,

Burns with fire for the pleasure of the Son of God,

And of the Father.


Infinite wisdom of God,

Now dwelling within our souls.

Righteous hunger for God,

Worshiping Him,

All the day.


The mind and nature and desire,

Of the Son of God,

Now burning within us,

And abiding within us,



And we are the forever home,

Of the Spirit of Christ.

Of the Spirit of the Most High,

Living God.


I wonder that our flesh,

Doesn’t perish.

I wonder that we don’t melt,

From the glory inside.



Another miracle.

That human dirt,

Could hold the Most High God.

And the whole thing is so holy,

I can barely touch my own skin,

Without trembling. 


And I wonder,

Do we know the Living God,

Breathing so close to our skin?

Do we tingle at His nearness?

See His image even in the dirt?


Do we wonder at this God,

And who He really is?

Do we gaze into His depths,

And then tremble,

That He is inside of us,

And breathing grace all around us?


I wonder,

Have we ever gazed into His depths?

And if we haven’t,

How, O how can we possibly live?


To see You,

Is to truly live.

And what else is there,

But to know You?


O, for always,

One more glimpse of You! 

For this,

And nothing else,

Is my life!


Son of God,

You are so much deeper than I know,

And so much deeper than my words,

Can reach.


I have peered into the depths of You today,

And it’s undone me.

Standing there by the edge of the pool,

I’ve fallen to my knees,

And wept for the depth and the beauty,

Of the sight.


Your beauty is so wonderful,

It wounds me.

And it hurts me to look at You,

You are so good.


You show me what goodness,

Really is.

And You teach me the meaning,

Of such words as good,

By showing me the depths,

Of Your nature inside.


I look,

And I weep.

And I’m broken inside for the beauty,

And my soul is ripped open,

As You redefine what is good,

And possible,

And beautiful.


I’m torn open,

As the truth of reality,

Suddenly expands.


You tear my world open,

And You’re more beautiful,

Than I know how to take.


Yet I know that there is no lesser beauty,

That can ever satisfy me now.

For I’ve learned the definition,

Of beautiful.

And it is You.


And everything else,

Is dull to my eyes.

But I want to plunge deeper,

Though it hurts me so.

I want to plunge deeper,

Into the bottomless pool.


O, the depths of Your goodness!

O, the depths of Your beauty!

O, the depths of Your loveliness,

And wonder,

And splendor,

And majesty!


O, the depths of Your holiness,

And Your glory,

And Your wisdom,

And righteousness!


They are beyond searching out.

They are beyond comprehending.

The depth and glory of Your nature,

Are beyond our ability to know,

Or understand.


For You are limitless.

You are infinite.

You are a pool with no bottom.

A universe with no outer end.


We travel forever,

We dive and we fly and we sail,

And we never reach the other side.

We never even reach the middle.

For there is no middle,

Because there is no end.

And we just travel forever,

And we’ve still got just as far to go,

As when we started.


You are infinitely deep,

And beautiful,

And wise,

And wonderful.


My soul gazes into You,

And I am lost for words.

And I would be lost for hope,

Were it not for Your Spirit,

Living inside of me.


But the vastness of You,

Is a pool within my own soul too.

And the infiniteness of God,

Dwells in my own chest.


And I am one with the Living God,

And the Living God within me,

Understands Himself.

And He takes me deeper into Him,

Whom I could never comprehend. 


I travel roads,

I know not how I found.

I breathe in truth and understand mysteries,

Too great for me to ever know.


I see beauty,

My eyes should not be able to behold.

I hear the voice of the Living God,

My ears should not know how to hear.


Because Your Spirit lives in me. 

Because who You are,

Lives in my soul.


Because the bottomless nature,

And glory,

Of the Living God,

Abides in my small heart.


My small heart,

Holds the boundless God.

And the bottomless Spirit,

Somehow fits,

Inside my finite flesh.


I am a living and walking miracle.

I living, breathing mystery,

Of the Most High God.


And that’s the point.


This weight of glory,

Is poured into this frail vessel of flesh,

To show that the surpassing beauty,

And power,

And wonder,

And majesty,

Are of God,

And not of me.


This is the gospel.

The Almighty God,

In a vessel of flesh.


This is what the Son of God,

Has done,

And continues to do,

To this breathing day.


I breathe in the air of today,

And I wonder,

That I am so alive.


Alive with the Son of God.

Alive with the Spirit of God.

Alive with the Spirit of the Father.

Brought into the communion with the Trinity,

And the home of all this glory of God,





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