Of Heavenly Things

You are the God of brilliant glory,

And I am a soul of clay,

With a tongue of dust.

How can I speak of You?


O, unleash my soul,

To sing in the tongues of angels,

And of heaven!


Loose my tongue,

To speak of Your glory,

In words I’ve never heard before.


Give me the words of heaven,

To speak of the Living God,

In true and living words.


For You are the Living Word.

And if I am to speak of You,

It must be in living words.


O, God of brilliant beauty,

What I have seen and felt,

And touched!

Your beauty everywhere abounding,



And I would speak the mysteries,

And the beauties I have seen.

Yet my tongue tastes like dust in my mouth,

And my soul feels all the weight,

Of its weak clay.


Yet You are God,

Who rests His glory,

In frail and weak earthenware,

On purpose.


And You are God,

Who chose the weak,

And foolish things of the world,

To show Your beauty,

Plain as day.


God Almighty,

The world would break our hearts,

With its beauty,

If we but had eyes,

To see it.


Your nature splashed,

Over everything everywhere.

I see it.

And it brings tears to my eyes,

It is so brilliantly beautiful.


And it breaks my heart.

For the smelling of the feast,

Only makes the body salivate,

And hunger all the more.


And I see perfection,

Written in pages.

And I dream of perfection,

As a living reality.


And I see the picture,

And the ache in my soul,

Is too much to bear.

And I want to reach right through,

And into the painting,

And join myself,

To the reality,

That the beauty frames.


I find myself walking,

Down twilight roads,

In the cool of the evening.

In the quiet before night.


I look up at clouds and sky,

Pass reverently by the mighty trees,

Silent sentinels whispering wisdom,

Deep and old,

If we have but eyes to hear.


I listen with my eyes,

Hear the stories that they tell.

Glean the wisdom of their age,

And the vanity of man’s pursuits,

Under the sun.


Trees that have seen,

The rise and fall of kingdoms.

The passing of time,

The changing of thought,

And all the pride and ignorance,

Which govern man’s ways.


I listen with my eyes,

And hear wisdom speak a better way. 

Upward the boughs point,

And my gaze follows.


And these trees with deep roots,

And wide trunks,

And old souls,

Point heavenward,

To endless sky.

And I lift my gaze higher,

And I ponder the heavens. 


The heavens.

This thin veil,

Between here,

And the highest heaven,

And my forever home,

The place where the Most High dwells.


Veil that ripples,

And sways in the breeze.

And when the wind blows,

For that moment,

I see past the thin veil,

And there is no more flesh,

But the throne room is right here,

And perfection has come. 


Then the breeze stills,

And the sky falls back into place,

And I see eternity,

In reflection.

Glory of the Most High,

And I see it in the mirror,

Of a sunset sky.


Brilliance of color,

Layered deep and endless,

In a boundless ocean of sky.


I’m swimming in glory.

I’m swallowed up in the expanse,

And I live my whole life,

Under the ocean of heaven,

And I could run forever,

Yet I’ll never reach the other side.


The heavens speak to me of Your nature,

And Your name,

And one day I’ll know the God behind the heavens,

Face to face,



I think of that,

As I walk.

I think of new heaven,

And new earth,

And untainted life with You.


I think of fellowship,

And communion,

And a life of holy work and worship,

With no sin.


I think of the highest joy I’ve tasted,

And the deepest peace I’ve known.

I think of the greatest treasures,

My soul has feasted on,

And how the perfect form,

Will surpass them all.


I think of what it will be like,

To know You forever,

With a perfect soul.


I think of it,

And the longer I think of it,

The stronger the urge becomes,

To mount up with wings like eagles,

And soar up through the sky,

To the highest heaven,



And then I’m struck by this new thought,

That breaks my heart,

Thoroughly open,

And my soul spills out,

There on the ground,

As I walk.


I think about how in heaven,

And the new heaven and earth,

And perfect life with You,

There will be more than just,

Me and You,

And nature,

And harmony and holy in these relationships here.


But there will be people.

And there will be relationships,

And fellowship with one another,

In the fellowship with You.


And the oneness Jesus prayed for,

Will exist in inconceivable fullness,



And all of us together,

Will be part of the fellowship,

Of the Trinity.


And what kind of fellowship,

Will we know with each other,

In that day?


I try to imagine it,

What it will be like,

To know perfect love,

With each other.


My heart turns tender and warm,

At the thought.


All the love,

I’ve never known here,

And all the lovely,

I’ve failed to be here,

I will know and be,



And every friendship,

Will be the highest kind. 

And loyalty and selflessness,

And sacrificial love,

Will be the norm,

And the breath,

And the everyday beauty.


And the perfection we glimpse in bits,

And we strive to be here,

We will be,



It fills my heart,

With a new kind of hope.

And it fills me with a new passion,

And desire,

To see and to savor,

The bits of perfect love,

That break in,

And shine through.


For I see the beautiful holy,

Of love in human souls,

As more than just,

Human effort.

But I see it now,

For what it truly is.

The fruit of eternity,

And the promise of the harvest,

Peeking though.


The firstfruits. 


Love is one of the firstfruits.

And it’s more than just,

The love that peeks through here.


But there is a whole harvest of love,

And these are just the firstfruits,

And He’s cultivating the harvest in us,

And when these days of laboring in love are over,

Then the complete and perfect,

Will come,

And we will know perfect love,



Suddenly the beautiful,

Is more holy.

Suddenly it’s more than a falling leaf,

Or a fleeting thing.


But it’s a promise,

A glimpse into the future,

A seedling,

A firstfruit,

A reflection.


And each act of love,

And each glimpse of beauty,

Is a promise,

And a holy,

With deep roots,

And old wisdom,

And boughs that reach up to the sky.


And each beauty,

Is a glimpse of the eternal.

And the eternal beauty,

Is not fading away.


The moments here,

Fade and fall,

Like autumn leaves.


But the eternal reality,

That grows the tree,

And plants the roots,

And paints the leaves,

Endures forever.


Our moments,


And our bodies,

Wither and die.

But the holy in the moments,

And the eternal behind the eyes,

Live forever.


And nothing here,

Is ever just for here.

And every moment,

Is an eternal one,

Is a holy one.


And every moment we walk,

In the presence of the Most High,

Beneath the ceiling of the ocean,

Of heaven.


And the wind blows,

And the tree grows,

And the curtain ripples,

And we glimpse right through.


And perfection is coming soon,

And we glimpse it here,

And these are just the firstfruits.

And the harvest is coming,

And the King.


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