No Matter Where I Am – I’m Always Here

God who speaks to me,

From heaven’s throne.

You are greater than I deserve,

And greater than my words,

Will ever tell.


And what I see,

And hear of You,

Will never be known,

Through words alone.


The reality of You,

Extends and echoes endlessly.

The beauty of You,

Stretches out endless,

Beyond the sky.


My soul stirs,

At Your wind.

And my heart grows,

At Your touch.


And the reality,

Of knowing You,

Will always elude,

Human words.

And the best that we can say,

Is only a shadow,

And a reflection,

Of a reflection.


But You beckon us closer,

And You draw us nearer to You,

And You bid us come higher,

And dwell.


You are God Almighty,

Who pulls at our hearts,

And despite their clay walls,

They come.


For the eternal,

Heeds the cry,

Of the Eternal One.

And the spirit,

Knows its Master,

Knows its Maker,

Knows its Lord.


And our hearts within us,


For the Master calls.


You tug,

At the depths of our souls,

And the fabric of who we are,

Is drawn to You.


You speak,

And our hearts within us burn,

To come home to You.


And anywhere Your presence dwells,

Is home.


The presence of the Lord,

Is home.


God who speaks to us,

From heaven’s throne.

From beyond the clouds,

And within our souls.


You are God Almighty,

And You humble Yourself,

And speak to us.

And it’s more than we deserve.


For who among us,

Has earned the right,

To hear Your voice?

And who among us,

Is righteous enough,

To know You?


Who has earned the right,

To stand in Your presence,

And hear Your voice,

And be known and loved by You?


Yet You give this as a gift. 


You give fellowship with You as a gift.

You open the door,

And You pour the gospel on us,

And You bid us come close,

As a gift.


And no matter where I am,

You are giving me the gospel,

As a gift.

And I can confess it,

And at any moment,

Be in Your presence,

And enter in,

And fellowship with You.


No matter how high,

Or low,

The road I’m on,

Or the state of my soul,

I can confess Your gospel,

And immediately,

Be home in Your presence,

Fellowshiping with You.


No matter where I am.


Confessing You,

Is always the right thing.

It is always the truth,

It is always the life,

And it is always the way.




Whatever the question,

The answer is Your name.

Whatever the conundrum,

The answer is Your gospel.


Wherever I am,

I am in Your gospel.



Wherever I am,

I am in Christ,

And He is in me.

I confess it to the four winds,

And I’m in the throne room,

And here You are. 


It’s a gift that You’ve given me,

That is always mine,

And I can always,

Use it.


I speak the Name,

And the door appears.

I speak the gospel,

And I cross the threshold. 



It’s a treasure,

That never rusts.

Or spoils,

Or fades.


A treasure store,

That is never depleted,

But almost seems to grow,

With each use.


Yet how can an endless,


How can an infinite,



But the riches grow in my soul,

As I drink of the treasure,

And feast on the gold.

And each time I feast on the gospel,

It gets deeper in my soul,

And my roots go down deeper,

Into it,

And I live,

A little more,

Than before.


This endless wealth,

Of abundant life,

That seems to pour in,

And flood over,

More and more,

As I learn to drink.


Gospel I feast on,

And confess with my soul,

In the moments when I least,

Deserve such a gift.


And when I’m weakest,

And poorest,

And dirtiest,

With failure,

Your gospel gleams like a treasure.


And the living water flows,

And washes away all the filth.

The gems sparkle with life,

And my soul feels the power of Your grace,

Most potently,



Your grace is relentless,

And Your calling is sure.

Your love is steadfast,

And Your mercy endures,



Your goodness,

Is boundless.

And Your faithfulness,

Is from eternity,

To eternity.


You are God who reigns,

And You are God who gives the gospel,

As a gift,

And who has defined my reality,

As such.


You have made my reality,

The gospel.

You have done this,

Because it seemed good to You.


And I am forever,

Indebted to Your mercy,

Though You’ve wiped away,

Every debt.


And I am forever,

Undeserving of the grace,

That You lavish,

On my head.

Yet You pour it out freely,

As a gift.


God who gives grace to me,

Because it pleases Him,

And for His name’s sake.


And what can I do,

But praise You?

Fall down at Your feet,

And worship?


God who forgives,

All my sin.

God who’s made my soul,



Jesus who is,

All of this to me,

And on my behalf,

And who fills and covers,

Every place I lack.


God who has made me new,

And reborn.

God who makes me to triumph,

Above all my enemies,

Who accuse.


Their accusations,

Land false now.

Because I am in Christ,

And He is in me,

And they can bring no charge,

Against the Sovereign Lord.


But I am hidden,

In the Most High God.

And I dwell in His presence,

And in His favor,

And in His tent.


And what can my foes,

Do to me?


They cannot condemn me,

And they cannot take me,

From my dwelling place,

In Him.


The gospel has won the victory,

And the battle is lost to them,

For I am found in Him,

And it is already finished,

Though it finishes playing out here.


Christ has won me,

And I am ever in Him,

And I have fellowship,

With the King of heaven.

And all battles,

End here.

And all armies,

Fall here.


All sieges fail here,

In the place where the gospel,

Is reality,

And the Son of God,

Is King.


I confess His name,

I confess His gospel,

And I dwell in my homeland,

And I abide in the stronghold,

And I feast in His presence.

And every moment is the travelling from one joy,

To another.

And from one moment of worship,

To another.

Never ending.


But always further up,

And further in.


And that’s the kind of life,

I could get used to.

And indeed,

That’s the real life,

And the abundant life,

And the life I’ll live,



God Almighty,

You are greater than I know.

And I speak of things,

I barely even begin,

To understand.


Yet You speak of heavenly things,

And You sing reality’s song to me,

And I speak back the words,

In faltering,

Human tongue.


But Your melody,

Doesn’t translate full,

Into human tongue.

For Your words,

Are spirit and life,

And living and breathing reality.


And the true knowing of You,

Is spirit and soul,

And mind and heart,

And strength.


It’s a living knowing.

It’s a joining,

A communing,

A coming alive,

And being made whole,

And joining into,

The One who is.


From first to last,

You do this.

Make us one with You.

Make us come alive.

Make us holy,



And new.


You do this.


You do it all,

From first to last,

Because it pleases You,

And for Your name’s sake.

And You give it all,

As a gift.



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